Where Do i Begin?



I hope this is not weird. One cannot capture the Gospel in bytes, or shall I say, in tweetbytes. It is so rich that no amount of retelling can even diminish its message.

But let me put it this way: This is just an attempt to break into smaller bytes the Message - by so doing, these tweetbytes might fill the gaps that we feel in the everydayness of our lives. There are gaps, once in a while, some so minute that we do not recognize them. Hopefully, these Gospel tweetbytes may fill the void, and then, unknowingly, we are already filling up the vacuum with His messsage, with His presence.

Come journey with me...

Each day, I will be posting tweetbytes based on the day's Gospel. There might be several tweetbytes in a day but hopefully, I could attempt to tweetbyte the day's Gospel.

These tweetbytes are "chewable" and "digestible"- thus inviting us to reflect

on His message where ever we are- in whatever time we choose. So after reading the day's Gospel, join me as I tweetbyte...





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